Version 2.0


ToolCentra is the first affordable and flexible DTMF graphical IVR toolkit add-on for TeleVantage. It provides VARs (or End Users that demands control over their campaigns) with an easy way to fully configure TeleVantage through IVR plug ins without programming. It consists of the ToolCentra Graphical Configuration Environment where the IVR applications are designed and the ToolCentra Run Time Module that executes those IVR applications on top of TeleVantage.

GCE (Graphical Configuration Environment)

The Graphical Configuration Environment lets VARs or Technical End Users to easily configure through action icons the flow of any IVR application. This action icons are very flexible and through parameterization can be adapted to suit any need. The main types are Play, DTMF Input, Transfer, Record and Decision. They provide the possibility to interact in both ways with all the major database systems available in the market.

ToolCentra GCE sanpshot

Click on the image to the left to see a screen snapshot of the ToolCentra Graphical Configuration Environment.

RTM (Run Time Module)

Once an IVR application is defined through the Graphical Configuration Environment it can be put in action using the Run Time Module. The ToolCentra Run Time Module offers the possibility to run an IVR application in as many lines as needed and run many different IVR applications in one system routed by different call properties (such as DNIS, callerID, time of day, etc.).

Version 2.0

ToolCentra keeps getting more powerful and flexible. Now in version 2.0 it supports outbound calling and enhanced communications with web, e-mail and fax exchange. It allows to be exteranally scheduled and extends its functionality through scripting. It also supports working with XML based documents and providing information using third party Text To Speech engines.